Quick and Easy Lip Therapy Session

So it's getting cold outside which means your skin will dry up, specially your lips, and if you know me, i tend to find the quickest and easiest ways specially when it comes to skin treatments.and here, my friends, is how i treat my lips so they can be all soft and luscious for lip goodies.

First of all i start with my favorite lip scrub which is the infamous lush bubble gum lip scrub to get rid of all the dry skin on your lips

after i clean it off with a towel or a napkin (and usually lick half of it), i use nuxe's reve de miel lip balm to moisturize my lips. by the way i highly recommend trying this,its one of the best lip balms i have ever tried AND it smells and tastes like mangos which is a big plus for me.

then i  just let my lips absorb it then i put my lipstick on which is usually macs brick-ola.

*TIP: always carry around a stick lip blam, i love burts bees peppermint one because its not tinted and its minty and its small so it doesn't take much space in your carry on.

Luma x

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