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Hello everyone, hope you're all well.x

i have tweeted before several times ( well one time who am i kidding)  that we have some exciting posts (well its only two so) coming up and here it is!
We're please to announce that we have teamed up with raise.com which is is a new marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash!  From Nordstrom to DSW,they have gift cards to meet all your fashion needs. they're running a summer campaign and they have asked us to share our summer closet essentials with you guys. so here we go. 
(by the way, there will be another post coming up by Rita today, we didn't do a collab post because we actually didn't have time to film together due to finals week.) 

So first of all I'm going to start with the basics,


(from left to right)

shoes define me. I think an outfit is never complete without a statement piece, mine is shoes. and as it shows here, pointed toe shoes are quite an obsession to me. what i love about them is that they never get old! they're a classic, and a must have in every closet. you can easily go from super formal to super casual with just changing a shirt or adding a blazer on.  another obsession of mine is loafers. these for summer, are perfect. they're super comfy and you can pair them with anything. and at last, sandals. or what i like to call them, heavily sandals ( they do remind me of Jesus' sandals in a way). but anyway, sandals again are an essential in every girls closet.whether you're going shopping or to a fancy roof party you'll rock them.


(from left to right)


well, jeans are a basic in my closet. i do realize wearing is a pain in the ass in summer, specially if it was too hot. but my friends, i have the solution, Topshop's leigh jeans. they are jeans, but so comfortable (which is quite odd) but i would highly recommend getting a pair for summer. another must have is knee ripped jeans, they're bad ass and breezy if i might say. and last but not least, plaid pants. now to be honest these are out of my comfort zone, but when i saw weworewhat and a lot of other bloggers rocking them i just had to by a pair and to be fair this is one of my best buys. they suit everything but i think winter pants more than summer pants. 


(from left to right)


now I'm quite obsessed with button downs in general but i really do hate the fact i have to button up and down every time i have to wear them (i hope you understand the frustration you get when you're in a hurry).
anyways, sheer button downs are a classic, they go with everything, i love pairing them with denim for casual days and they're just effortlessly stylish. another must have is plaid button downs. personally, i love plaid clothes, i think they're super vintage and very classy. these go hand in hand with black pants, or if you wanna be oh so summery you can pair them with highwaisted denim short shorts.



(from left to right)


Who doesn't like collared shirts? I mean they're perfect for everything! they go with anything! whether super formal or super casual, they look cute as hell and they're quite a statement piece in my opinion. 


(from left to right)


I've recently been loving silky shirts( mainly because they're not warm and quite breezy if I may say). they go with everything and again, you can go super casual or super formal with these.


in basic t-shirts i try to go for more summery colored shirts because I'm quite a basic person who goes for a lot of black and white. i think these would look lovely with anything basically.






because who doesn't worship accessories? accessories complete the outfit, specially if you find statement pieces that defines you. personally, i like gold everything! i kid you not all of my accessories are gold. for this season, I've been loving layering up necklaces, gold midis and my ray ban aviators.

Much Love Always.xxx


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