Ladies and gents, I'm back. If your read my last post (which was 2 weeks ago, sorry for that) you might have read that I was going on a family holiday to London, which I did and I came back on Friday. Now I have been saving for this trip since March, because everyone knows London is famous for it's beautiful malls and shopping streets and basically everything. So here's what I bought,

Now let's start with the fancy stuff.



 First, I finally re purchased a Jo Malone perfume, I got a 100 ml one because the 50 ml didn't last me as much as I liked it would, I got mine in Wild Bluebell which smells so fresh and just lovely.


I also got form the perfume shop Eternity Moment by CK (kind of went crazy for ck this year) for just 25 pounds! I mean what a bargain. This one is actually very similar to Jo Malon's Red Roses which I got last year.

 I also got the Sheer Beauty perfume which smells so good.

I also got Tommy Hilfiger's tommy girl perfume

 and I popped by the clothing section and got basics polo shirt that was on sale.



I was walking down oxford street when I saw Muji and went crazy. I went in and saw the plastic box of my dream, waiting there for me AND on sale. I got the one with 5 drawers for 22 pounds.

clothes and shoes


Next I went to office and got these heeled sandals which I love. I saw sammi from beautycrush wearing them on her trip to Dubai and I was like I shall have them and thankfully, I do now.

I also got a pair of black shiny Hunters and can I just say these are beautiful but so god damn heavy! I mean my god when I put them on I feel like i'm literally wearing a block of some heavy metal.

Finally, I got myself a pair of black converse for school.

Then I went to COS which I was so excited about. I didn't find anything in their new collection that suited me and to be honest I was tight on money because I spent too much in boots and super drug.

I first got these formal trousers and may I just say these are the most flattering pants I have ever bought. They hold all of your jiggly stuff and pop your behind and they're super comfy because they have an elastic band instead of a zipper.

I also got a baby pink super soft knit for the chilly days

I also went to Riess and got a v neck wool sweater from the sale section. I think this would be great for layering up in the winter days.

I then went to Armani Exchange and got this super soft basic white shirt which was again, on sale.

Finally I went to Primark and got a shit load of pajamas and underwear, I'm not gonna show that to you guys because I really don't think you'd be interested in seeing 1 pound panties.



From Selfridges, I got the ever so raved about Nars sheer glow foundation in medium 3 stromoboli ,the radiant creamy concealer in Ginger and the a lip pencil in Walkyrie

From boots, I got Benefit's roller lash mascara which I was dying to get my hands on because I haven't had a proper mascara for ages and everyone seemed to recommend it so I got.

I got from Bourjois the healthy balance matte face powder in dark beige

,the colorband eyeshadow pencil 04 rose fauciste which broke in the bag and I was so devastated but its fine since I can sharpen it and all.

 Lastly from Bourjois, I got the color boost lipstick in 08 sweet macchiato.

Also from boots, i got the real technique's core collection and starter set.

popped by the soap and glory counter and got the ever so raved about archery brow wiz

from rimmel, I got the wake me up concealer.

and I finally managed to get the collection lasting perfection concealer.

Finally, I got the ever so raved about Tangle Teezer.

skin care


From Lush, I got their new ocean salt cleanser and the catastrophe mask.

And finally from Boots, I got indeed labs' hydraluron jelly moisturizer.

Luma x


  1. Smiled when I read you'd bought a load of pyjamas from Primark - I always get mine from there too!
    Glad to hear you had a great time in London. It's my local city and I love the place :)

    ♡ Emily from Trendpill x

    1. Thank you! London was amazing and it will always have a special place in my heart :)

      Luma x