Merry christmas everyone! I was supposed to post something on Friday and I did but I ended up not feeling it so this week you'll be getting two posts instead of just one. So here are some of the things I got for christmas this year.

I got the Viktor and Rolf BonBon set which comes with the perfume, a body lotion, and a shower gel and the packaging is super cute! The scent itself smells so good as well and the whole thing is just adorable tbh.

Onesies have been my obsession recently and so my mom got me this pink and red onesie from Debenham's which is so cute and so soft and so nice I just want to stay in it all day and wear nothing else ever. 

Charlotte Tilbury obsession started this year so what better present did I get than the CT Mini Lipstick Charms which are so tiny I don't think anyone gets it. I knew they were gonna be small but they are tiny to say the least. The colors that come are so pretty. 

I got this Body Shop Festive Body Butter Trio which has three of the body butters in it which are so cute and I already know I like them which is very convenient and I also am in deep need of lotions which is great.

These came out of a cracker from The Body Shop and it had the Frosted Cranberry Body Lotion and like a heart shaped soap, it's so cute and the fact that it's a cracker is a bonus for me.

One of the only accessories I wear is the ring bracelet thing so my mom got me another one which I have no idea where its from but its super cute and its gold and has like black silvery beads in it which is super cute.

I got three pairs of socks from topshop, one has a pug on it wearing a christmas hat which is super cute, one that has polar bears on it that are wearing reindeer ears, a red nose, and a scarf on a pink background. The last one is black and white plaid. 

My friends and I did secret Santa and so my friend got me hot chocolate mix and a Starbucks mug. The mug is so cute its white and has those pompom things on it in gold and the handle is a candy cane which makes it so adorable.

Rita x

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas! We got gifted the same Starbucks mug, its gorgeous!

    Parie x

    1. That's so cool how we both got the same mug!
      Rita x