April Favorites

hello lovelies, hope you're all well.x
i probably think you guys have noticed me and Rita haven't posted for about a month and she has mentioned why so i'm not going through it again but i thought i should just let you guys know that we're not leaving this blog or whatever, we just took some time off because we needed it. 
i know April has ended like 17 days ago (and thank god). it was the longest month for me, i had second month exams and i was so stressed out, and stressing out means bad skin and horrible horrible breakouts, which leads to more stress, i mean i was so stressed out i started looking at hotels in Bali, yup. but on the other hand i only have about 3 more weeks of school so yay! i think you're now sick of me babbling so let's get on with the post shall we!


L'oreal's le teint accord parfait:

  as i mentioned before, i recently had a lot of breakouts and i needed a sort of higher coverage yet light foundation. so the lady at the store recommended thiswhich to be honest i have never heard of before, i had my eye on the revlon photo ready foundation but they didn't have my shade and the texture was sort of too powdery for me? i don't know. until now, i've been loving this foundation, it's light yet covers, but you need to apply it to moisturized skin so your dry patches won't show.

Rimmel's scandeleyes in 012 BRONZE: 

   i've been on a hunt for a proper brown eyeliner because i feel it suits me better than black eyeliner, so i went to mac because hands down they have the best creamy eyeliners ever, i choose coffee and i really did like it, and when i asked for the price, it was 30. i mean, for an eyeliner!?!? what's wrong mac?! so i went back, then i spotted a rimmel stand and i thought about getting one of these scandeleyes eyeliners that i've heard so much about and this was the last one, and i picked it up like and just ran to the cashier like a psycho. back to the point, i love this. its got a lovely creamy texture, very easy to blend and its a gorgeous brown with an orange-y tone. highly recommend this for hot weather because it doesn't slip and slide at all. 

 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock:

  for this weather, i think everyone needs a sunblock. it's been very hot where i live and i really don't like getting my face burned and not the rest of my body. my sister recommended this actually, and i honestly do really like it, its light, it's not greasy like most sunblocks, it doesn't dry your skin and it blends into your skin so easily. 

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Highlighter:

 i've rediscovered this recently and just fell back in love it. as simple as that.



These have been my basic go to items recently. to be honest when i first bought the Zara shirt, i had no idea how to style it or what colors suited it so i asked Rita how she wore it and she practically saved my life and i cannot thank her enough, its very out of my comfort zone but i love it now and i wore countless times, its very comfy and cold ( as in very flow-y and airy? okay this is getting weird). the point is i recommend investing in a piece like this. 
Converse is an essential in my closet, you can wear it with anything and you'll look so cool, plus its very comfortable so yay for that. i bought the black one recently and i actually like it better than the black one because i think this one suits a lot more than the white one. 

it's almost summer where i live and its too hot for a nice hot cup of caramel macchiato but it's the perfect drink for me and i just can not live without out it so i switched up to the iced version of it and i just easily fell in love. 

  • Movies: The Spectacular now( if you loved the perks of being a wallflower you'll love this even more) and Divergent.
  • Music: Group Love- Let me in, Group Love- Shark Attack, Kings of Leon- Use Somebody and  THE1975- fallingforyou. 

Much Love Always.xx

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