I've come up with a few different gift ideas for christmas if you want to shop for someone who is roughly my age which is 16 as we are a difficult age to shop for and apparently no one ever know what to get me.

I'm gonna start with brushes. Real techniques have a gift set of their bold metal brushes and I think they are all great, the set comes with 300 and 201 and one similar to 100. They are all unique especially if you are shopping for someone who loves beauty they are also super cute brushes.

You can never go wrong with a makeup bag and if you have the money to spend I recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag as all of the editions that have come out are great. I have the 1st edition one but she recently came out with one for this season's holiday

One of the best presents I've gotten is the Frends Headphones in Layla Oil Slick which I got last year for christmas. They have interchangeable heads which you can buy separately and if someone already has one you can maybe buy the heads as a stocking stuffer.

Anthropology Candles are my current favorites they have adorable packaging and you can make it as expensive as you want or as cheap. They all smell incredible and you can personalize them depending on what they like in candles or they even have astrology sign.

These puffy ball things have been huge this year as everyone and their mothers have one, if whoever you are getting a gift for doesn't have one I would highly recommend getting one I got mine from Daisy Shoppe and they come in a tun of colors.

A card wallet is always a good idea because they are super light and small so they can easily be carried in any bag and they are usually super cute. I got mine from Kate Spade which have really cute ones and if you get it from an outlet they are so cheap and a great gift.

Rita x

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  1. Great ideas! thanks

  2. Loved reading this. Would love it if you could check out my extended Black Friday blog sale!
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    1. Thank you! Will give it a read :)
      Rita x

  3. great picks here!
    Xo, Christianne